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Natrona County Parks’ 10,768-acre system of urban and mountain parks, trails, lakes, streams, and open space is one of the most diverse recreational areas in all of Wyoming.

Our natural environments range from sand dunes and rock cliffs to mountain forests and cool lakes. You can enjoy nature all by yourself or with friends. 

Nov 06

Snow Conditions at Casper Mtn. Nordic Area

Posted on November 6, 2018 at 7:50 AM by Matt Buhler

First packing run on 5-6 inches of wet, dense new snow, plus remnants of previous storms took place on 11/5/2018. Base depth is 1-2 inches. Trails packed; Strube Loop and portions of the Maze. All other trails are CLOSED, please stay off them!  Strube Loop turned out nice, the Maze, not so much. The Stadium portion of the Maze and portions of the Lights on the east side are decent. The rest of the Maze is basically a ‘hay field’.  Lights are NOT ON until we get enough snow to cover the ‘hay field’.  Rock skis are recommended, enjoy.
Oct 31

Construction on Rotary Park Gates Continues

Posted on October 31, 2018 at 2:44 PM by Matt Buhler

To anyone utilizing Rotary Park, please be aware that construction has begun on installing an automatic gate operation system that will close the gates at sundown and reopen them at dawn.  Rotary Park is only open during daylight hours according to Natrona County Parks Rules and Regulations.  Years ago, Sheriffs Office personnel used to manually open and close the gates but that practice ceased as time constrains increased.  With the completion of the system, the gates will automatically open and close.  Please plan accordingly while visiting the Park.  There will be sensors to allow vehicles to exit the Park if they are still within the park after the gates close.  Park users are also reminded that pets are to be on leashes and to clean up pet waste.  
Mar 16

Nordic Trail Conditions on Casper Mountain

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 2:29 PM by Matt Buhler

The winter season of 2017-18 has produced one of the lowest snow totals on record.  Casper Mountain only received 4" of wet snow last night which is not enough to keep several of the Nordic trails open.  Because of areas that have bare ground or rocks/logs sticking through; Beartrap and Ridge trails will not be groomed again.  Bishop, Good Luck and Ski Team trails will not be groomed after the weekend (March 17-18).  The weather forecast shows little chance of precipitation and warmer temperatures, which will continue to cause trail conditions to deteriorate.  The Conditions and Updates page on the Natrona County website ( will be updated with any new trail closures.  The area is still open but be aware of obstacles that may arise.